Make Money Tweeting

Twitter ads are 140-character posts on Twitter accounts to entice followers to click through to an advertiser’s website promoting their product or service on the company’s website. Twitter users agree to allow the posts and when one of the user’s followers clicks through on the link then the user receives money. There are advantages and disadvantages to making money with paid tweets.

Advantage #1

Most Tweet users say they average a payout of $10 per tweet. According to the Twitter website advertising paid Tweets, the site says advertisers pay $5 for every click through to their website. Users say they usually get a couple of offers per month from advertisers. Rumors exist of Twitter users making money in the upwards range of five-digits, but in reality the amount is probably more like two-digits.

Advantage #2

It’s easy. Twitter users sit back and let the money roll in while doing nothing. That is unless you want to write your own ad for the advertiser. Some companies allow their users to craft the ad’s text which will appear in the post.

Disadvantage #1

Celebrities who boast of having more than a million Twitter followers are more likely to be sought after by advertisers. Unless you have an enormous Twitter following, companies won’t be interested in pursuing you to advertise for them. Tweeting for money will not get anyone fast cash in a large supply. Twitter users can rest assure they need not quit their day job to pursue the easy way of making money. Even if you grow your followers the chances of advertisers seeking you out are very slim because the average user does not have a fan base.

Disadvantage #2

Tweet payouts are not enough money to even pay for a date night.  The average date night ranges from $50-$100 dollars. The average paid Tweet ranges from $2-$25. Payouts are only paid if a user clicks through to the advertiser’s website. Without active users clicking through on the ads, you’ll never see a dollar. Many advertisers claim Twitter users can earn hundreds of dollars by participating in paid Tweets, but unfortunately average users are sorely disappointed with the cash they earn.

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