Make Money Watching TV

Have you ever seen a classified ad that looked like this one in your local newspaper?

Wanted: Lazy couch potato to work any shift you choose. Duties include holding down the couch, channel surfing, zoning, and watching a few of your favorite television shows. Set your own hours. No experience necessary. Only serious applicants apply.

You probably haven’t. But don’t be surprised if you start seeing these kinds of ads. A new trend is being set by people looking for ways to make money watching TV. These couch potatoes are finding creative ways to turn their viewing hours into working hours.

If you are glued to the tube, but hadn’t considered the possibility of earning income while watching TV, then you may be in for a surprise. There are several ways to do just that. We will discuss a couple of them here, but possibilities are as endless.

What you learn, can help you earn. Watching television can be entertaining, but also educational. Shows are packed with great information, and we live in the information age. Look for new trends to write about. Sell the information by writing articles, critiquing shows, ads, or products.

Blog about your favorite show. Blogger.com and WordPress.com are free blog sites that you can set up and start blogging immediately. Drive traffic to your other websites. Take advantage of Google’s adsense and watch the income start trickling in.

Take what you watch on TV to the bank. Watch business and finance shows that teach you how to invest your money, or how to better mange your current investment. Take notes, and then put that information into practice.

Shop till you drop. Make money watching TV by starting your own resale business. Shows like QVC and Home Shopping Network often have gonga deals on items you can buy in quantity and then resale the merchandise for a profit on sites like E bay or Craigslist. To lower your purchase price and increase profits, take advantage of the free cash back sites.

Turn one man’s junk into another man’s treasure. TV shows like American Pickers can teach you a lot about the value of collectible items that people want to buy. Pay attention, take notes, and then begin your own treasure hunt for items that you can buy and sell.

The next time someone says you can’t make money watching TV, tell them, “Watch me.”

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