Make Money With A Dinner Delivery Business

1000dinnerNumerous people today lead busy lifestyles. Gone are the days of home cooked, family meals where moms have time to prepare fresh, hot, food. Instead, our culture has compacted every second of the day with good intentions and after school activities. Families today need convenience to be able to fit into their busy day quality time with each other. You can assist family needs by providing a food service. Dinner delivery from restaurants can provide you with a means of earning extra income and families with a peace from the stress of our busy culture.

Step One

This type of service is generally better suited for larger cities. In the city of your choice, map out a five mile radius of where you want to work. This could be around your home neighborhood or select an area which has condos, apartment buildings, hospitals, or even business offices.

You will need to determine what your specialty is. You could decide to work only the business offices during their lunch hours, Monday through Friday or you could decide to work neighborhoods delivering meals at night, seven days a week.

Step Two

Determine which restaurants you wish to use. Take some time and visit with restaurant managers during hours when they are not busy. Prepare a proposal before meeting with them. Decide on a commission you and the restaurant could charge for each meal delivered. Before you leave make sure you have takeout menus with prices included.

Step Three

Check with your local government to determine if there are any requirements you must meet before beginning your business. You may need a tax identification number and some cities may require you to have a food handler’s permit, since you will be delivering food.

Step Four

You will need to buy maps of the city where you will work. It is important to be extremely organized. You will need to take the food orders, organize the orders with the restaurants, and determine delivery times, using the shortest route.

Step Five

There are a few things you will need to purchase before getting your business off the ground. You will need to buy food insulation systems to keep the food warm while delivering. You will need to buy order forms to record the food requests. Also, you will need payment receipts to show where the customer has paid you and where you have paid the restaurant.

Step Six

You will need to spread the word about your business. You create your own or have a printing business make you brochures for advertisements and business cards. Be sure you include your name and cell phone number on them. Map out your five mile radius and place brochures on car windows or doors to help spread the word.


Remember you want to make a good impression on your customers and your restaurant mangers. Always provide quick service, listen to your customers, and meet all them with a smile.

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