Make Money With An Online Rental Directory


You can make money by compiling local rental housing information and posting it online for a member’s fee. Advertise in your area about your online directory for rental property. Earn money as people pay to become members to receive their information.

Realtors have such a handy tool at their finger tips called a Multiple Listing Service directory. In this book or online service each home for sale in the area is listed for local realtors to use for business. You can create something similar for your own profit. You can create a member only website where people pay to view the information you have listed. This directory would include all rental property information of local housing in your area. With low operation cost and energy on your part, you can own and operate your own business.

Step One

You will want to obtain information on registration and licensing. Most states require businesses, to register their business with the state before providing any type of service to the public. Also, check with your local city government on their requirements before beginning your business.

File for a tax identification number. These are free. You can obtain on through the Internal Revenue Service.

Gather information about business liability insurance. This type of insurance covers you in case anyone sues you or in the event of a loss to your property.

It is just good business to set up all account information regarding your business in your business’ name. This includes your bank account, taxes, and utilities, if you have an office. You need to set up a PayPal account so members have the option of paying you online for their membership.

Step Two

Create a website. You can create one using three different approaches. First, you can purchase software and design your own website. Second, use an online company which offers templates and holds your hand through the creative process. Third, pay someone design your website for you. On this website, you will need a shopping cart or an area where people can purchase a membership. You need to offer them various payment methods, such as credit, debit, or PayPal. You will also need enough storage space on your website to hold your directory.

Step Three

Compile your listing. Drive around your town, speaking with realtors. Many realtors buy properties and rent them. You can offer the realtors rental listings on your site for free. Another idea is to scour the residential neighborhoods, looking for rental signs. Offer the home owner the same deal as the realtor, list their property for free. Be sure you leave a business card or brochure with them. Your contact information needs to be clear for them to contact you in case one of their properties is contracted.

Step Four

Create or buy business cards. Make certain you have your contact information on the cards. To help generate business, hang signs around town or purchase an ad in your local newspaper


You can earn money by compiling information and selling access to view the information online. Owning and operating your own business is within the touch of your fingertips.

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