Make Money With Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is the idea of selling items or services via the Internet to people who use cell phones. Mobile marketing, in fact, has been referred to as “the new Internet” by economists and entrepreneurs.

Until recently, Internet marketing specifically targeted the desktop computer Internet user.  Virtually every new Internet marketing opportunity was being developed for desktop and laptop computer users.  This included the way advertisements were worded, how they looked (i.e. “banner”) and where and how they were displayed.

Internet advertisers were (and still are) invited to create Internet ads based on these three things. The most common kinds of Internet ads are sidebar ads and banner ads.

Advertisers are charged for these kinds of ads in one of three ways. The most common pricing model is the pay-per-click model. The advertiser pays a particular price every time his ad is clicked on by a viewer.

Another common model is the pay-per-impression fee schedule. This means that the advertiser pays a fee each time that his ad is shown on a Web page.  The advertiser must pay this fee regardless of whether the viewer clicks on it or not.  Banner ads are an example of this model.

The third and less common model is the pay-per-action model. With this method, the advertiser pays every time a viewer takes a particular action.

For example, an advertiser who wants to build up a subscriber base can place an ad asking viewers to “Subscribe Now!” The viewer may see the ad displayed on a Web page and may even click on the ad. However, he only pays if the viewer actually subscribes.

Mobile marketing does (and will probably continue to) incorporate similar advertising models. However, there is much more to mobile marketing than placing an advertisement onto a Web page.

SMS (“short messaging service”) is a form of mobile marketing that allows an advertiser to send advertisers to cell phone users via text.  MMS (multimedia message service) is the video version of SMS.  It allows advertisers to send users video/audio ads as long as the destination phone has a video screen (like smart phones). Users can even send ads directly to other users.

What does all of this mean to the advertiser? Many advertisers aren’t aware that there are now more cell phones and other mobile Web devices (like tablets) than laptops and desktop computers. In fact, there are more mobile devices than there are land-lines, vehicles and televisions!

In other words, the biggest advertising audience is no longer the television watcher, the computer user or the driver. Today it’s the cell phone/mobile device user. That’s why experts are calling mobile marketing the “new” Internet and even the “new” commercial advertising.

You don’t have to have a business or even have your own product to get in on the mobile marketing boom, either. People are making money off of mobile marketing by selling affiliate products. Other people are making money off of mobile marketing without selling anything at all. With a whopping three times more cell phones than computers on the planet, mobile marketing stands to reach astronomical audiences.

Make Money With Mobile Marketing – The Next Big Market Is The New Internet!

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