Make Money With Squidoo

Make Money with SquidooSquidoo.com is fast becoming a very popular money making site. There are thousands of people who are earning money online through the creation of mini websites called lenses. You do not have to pay anything to join Squidoo and there are literally hundreds of lenses available to give you all the help that you need to get started.

Getting Started on Squidoo

Sign up for your free account on Squidoo.com. Take the time to look through the lenses on the site, especially the Lens of the Day and the Top 100. Scrutinize the lenses to see what makes them stand out. In order to make money on this site you do need to take several factors into consideration:

  1. You need to have information or products that people are looking for.
  2. Your content needs to be original.
  3. You must monetize the site.

Read lenses in the Squidoo Community. Here you will find the do’s and don’t’s associated with creating lenses and gain valuable information about the many modules that you can use.

Choose the topic for your first lens

When you decide on the topic of a lens, whether it is your first or your fiftieth, always do keyword research associated with the topic. There are many sites where you can get information about how many people searched for these words last month and the amount of competition that exists online. Google Adwords is a very popular tool to use because Google is one of the leading search engines worldwide.

Once you narrow down the topic to one that for which there are many searchers and not many sites, then you can prepare a list of keywords to use. Start writing a few articles about that topic. It can be from your own experience, which means you will have original content.

Collect photos that you can use for the lens because people always like to see pictures of what you are talking about in the article.

Creating your lens

All you have to do to get started making money on Squidoo is to create a lens. The software on the site walks you through the whole process. You can save your draft and go back to check other lenses that you liked at any time.

How to make money on Squidoo

This is the exciting part because there are so many ways to monetize your site. Make sure that you have the Infolinks and the Chickta ads turned on. These are associates of the site that pay revenue when a visitor to your lens clicks on one of these ads. Google Adsense ads also appear at the top of your lens and you don’t need to have an Adsense account to take advantage of this source of revenue. Squidoo pays you a portion of the advertising revenue depending on how highly your lens ranks.

If you want to use the lens to promote the products of others or your own, you can add the HTML code to any part of the lens. This will direct visitors to the sites where they can make a purchase and you earn a commission.

There are modules on Squidoo where you can add Amazon titles and products and sell them from your lens. You earn a commission on every sale that you make in this way. There is also a module for Ebay and CaféPress, which means there are two other monetization methods to help you make money on this site.

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