Make Money with Twitter

The dictionary defines twittering as chitter or a series of high-pitched sounds emitting from birds. The company Twitter is a social networking system which enables users to send and read messages consisting of no more than 140-characters. Users create profile pages and then subscribe to various users who are then known as followers.

Users of Twitter can use the social networking to build a list of followers who then become potential clients. The more followers on the account means the customer base expands. Twitter users can earn money by using Adsense and refer followers to the referring company’s website or make money by using EasyTweets, which is a subscription only service.


Make money with Twitter by signing –up with affiliate sites, such as e-bay, Amazon, and Clickbank these companies will pay you to advertise for them. Tweet short messages with an advertisement and the link to the affiliate.

Another way to get paid for using Twitter is allow sites like Sponsored Tweets to tweet advertisement’s links from your account. The last way to useadvertisers to make money with your Twitter account is to rent background space on your Twitter background. You rent it for a week or a month. The best part is that you set your own price.


Subscribe to EasyTweets to easily manage multiple Twitter accounts. Decide which type of business or multiple businesses you want to use and create a Twitter account for those businesses. Use EasyTweets to find auto-followers who have the same interest as you do. For example, if you make specialty Christmas ornaments, then you have EasyTweet find followers who are interested in crafts. Set up auto-tweets announcing different ornaments ready for sell. Have tweets set-up an auto message near the holidays for when the ornaments are sold at a reduced price.


Twitter can be used to make money. Users can sign-up for various advertisement programs to earn money. Twitter can also be a powerful tool when finding a customer base to sell your product.

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