Making Money on the Internet: Why Are So Many People Going Online to Earn a Living?

The biggest misconception about making money on the Internet is that you need specialized training.  Most people think they can’t earn money online because they don’t know HTML or aren’t programmers.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Making money on the Internet is something anyone can do. Making money on the Internet requires only two things: a computer (or regular access to one) and an Internet connection.  If you’re moderately proficient at surfing the Web, you’re ready to start making money on the Internet.

Thousands have turned to the Web as a source of income. Those who have pursued it earnestly have been able to make anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars weekly.

Besides being a source of income, just what are some of the other perks of making money on the Internet?  Here’s what e-entrepreneurs are saying:

1)  I needed a secondary source of income. The economy is slowly taking a turn for the better.  However, it could take years to restore all that’s been lost.

Meanwhile, there are still millions of North Americans out of work.  Others have been forced out of lucrative careers and into menial jobs that don’t provide enough to live on.

It’s not surprising that Internet business continues to grow even when the economy crashes. People who lost their jobs have had to get very creative at supplementing their household incomes. The Internet is often an effective way to do this.

2)  It’s passive income. A lot of e-entrepreneurs are unwilling or unable to give up their regular jobs. They may feel more comfortable having an income that is predictable.  Some simply enjoy their careers too much to leave them.

The great thing about making money on the Internet is that you don’t have to quit your day job.  There are lots of ways to make passive income using the Web.

“Passive income” is the idea of generating revenue even when you are not actively participating in the process. In other words, you set up your e-business in such a way that it runs itself. You don’t have to directly monitor it 24 hours per day.

You can interact with it and make tweaks and improvements as you have the time or desire.  Other than that, you can walk away from your computer (and go to your regular job) and know that money will still roll in even though you aren’t there.

 3)  I needed to work, but couldn’t afford daycare for my children.  A significant number of e-entrepreneurs have families.  Daycare is expensive, especially for families with multiple children.  Frequently the cost of daycare exceeds the amount of money a worker can earn.

Making money on the Internet allows a parent to have the best of both worlds. He or she is able to generate an income while staying at home with the kids.  Not only does this eliminate the cost of daycare, it also eliminates costly commutes and other expenses associated with working outside the home.

4)  I needed to leave the daily grind.  A lot of people are simply fed up with the cost of being employed.  Sometimes long commutes and the need for an expensive work wardrobe barely make working away from home profitable.  Often it’s just plain stressful.

Successful e-entrepreneurs report a very high level of job satisfaction when making money on the Internet.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Making Money On The Internet

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