Network Marketing – A Successful Way to Make Fast Money

earner mlmWhen it comes to businesses that are known for making money fast, Network marketing comes in the list of top five.

The concept of Network Marketing was originated around 50 year ago in the United States. The first commercial network marketing chain was formed in 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel. These two business partners did not like the idea of the traditional sales job that would pay a person just for once. They wanted to create a business in which a person would be able to earn money multiple times even after their job is done.

Network Marketing – This is a form of direct marketing that works with a wide sales network. A person who is engaged in this type of business promotes & sells products and services of some other merchant and get commission on the sales made by them and also on the sales made by the people who are under their down line. A person working under this marketing form builds up their own business before they help the other people that are part of the chain. This work at home business is also known as MLM (Multi Level Marketing).

Today, the revenues generated by this global business have reached billions of dollars. Network Marketing is one of the easiest ideas to make money and this business is present in a large number of countries and millions of people are earning thousands of dollars every month.

The concept of Network Marketing has three elements – Passive Residual Income, Leverage and Geometric Growth. All these three elements make it a super successful business model.

Success – Anyone can succeed in this make money at home business. It just needs a commitment from your side and a desire to succeed. There are many people who do not succeed in this home based business and there are reasons behind it. These people do not work hard and they think that everything will be done automatically for them. Now, it is very common understanding that how can one achieve success without doing anything in that direction? Actually, out of all the people who join this business, only a few of them have the desire to pursue their dreams and succeed.

Training – If you want to join this ‘make money at home’ business, then you do not need any formal education or training. You just need good conversational skills and good contacts to help you.

Products – The products you will be selling can be anything that you in your household like soaps, washing powders, health drinks, beauty products etc-etc.

‘Be Your Own Boss’ -
The home business of Network Marketing promises you to make you your own boss. And, it is true that you can get the financial freedom that you always wanted in you life and you can be your own boss. You will not have to report to anyone daily or work in a fixed setting. So, you get the every kind of freedom with this make money fast business.

Income – This is one of the greatest ideas to make money and there are reasons behind it.
You get a recurring income that comes to you continuously and you work for it just once. There is no limit on the money you can make, people are making from hundreds to thousands of dollars and you can too.

Frauds – There are many crooks out there that are cheating people and making money in the name of Network Marketing. Till date, thousands of people have lost millions of dollars in these frauds. So, you should choose a program only after making a research about it.

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17 Responses to “Network Marketing – A Successful Way to Make Fast Money”


  1. Rickie Lee says:

    I was not satisfied with my job as the money was limited. I wanted to live a luxurious life, but I was fed up with the jobs. Luckily, I joined a network marketing business through one of my friends and I succeeded. I worked hard and expanded the chain of people under me. Now, I am earning thousands of dollars every month. It’s really a great home business that can make you rich fast if you work hard with full dedication.

  2. Miguel says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog, you have very useful articles on here…thanks for the information in this one – it was an eye opener for me…

  3. Sherell Selesnick says:

    I’ll be following your blog. =)

  4. Scott says:

    Thank you Sherell.

  5. Richie Vrooman says:

    Affiliate marketing is tough business; no wonder countless affiliates struggle to make mere pennies. This is a great post with excellent tips for newbie as well as established affiliates.

  6. Kyle says:

    Great article, I think that Products are most important, because if the product can’t stand on it’s own than the MLM will not do well.

  7. Arlene, Quick Ways to Make Money Enthusiast says:

    The statistics of those who fail in network marketing is very high. In fact that number is around 95%. Granted many of those folks do exactly what you said in your article – expect something for nothing. On the other hand many people work very diligently and still do not make a replacement income. Thanks for your perspective!
    Arlene, Quick Ways to Make Money Enthusiast

  8. shenita says:

    How do i get started in this network marketing business?

  9. Scott says:

    Hi shenita:

    There are many good network marketing businesses out there. What are you interested in? Make up, Health… Let me know and then I can direct you.


  10. Alvin says:

    I’m interested in starting in the network marketing industry. I’m interested in electronics, can you direct me to a reliable link with proven success? Great article!

  11. How to Make Money says:

    Hi Alvin:

    I know that Amway has always been at the top of the network marketing industry and they seem to have a very wide range of products. You may want to take a look at them.

  12. Ryan Young says:

    Hi Scott,

    I enjoy this blog. I tried to do MLM thrice already but I still failed. All three MLM business are into health and wellness products such as food supplements. Can you suggest anything or I just have to accept that MLM is not for me? ciao

  13. Radek says:

    I think Network marketing can bring some money. The good idea is to start on early stage with people who can do this.

  14. Adrienne says:

    I read an article about Robert Kiyosaki explaining the importance of multiplying sources of income towards financial freedom. It talks so much of the importance and the basic principles on network marketing. I suggest that you google the net to read some of his writings. Lastly, if you are a newbie in business, try to dip your finger on multi level marketing. I assure you it will not hurt.

  15. 108 Easy Ways To Make Money | Secrets On How To Make Money Guide says:

    Interesting content



  16. Spiro P. says:

    I think network marketing is great if you find the right product at the right time and are willing to share the information with people.

  17. Tim Kirkland says:

    Great Blog..I’ve been involved with 2 companies my first company my wife and I made over $100000 with no experience just following the system backed by a very strong work ethic. The second company I was able to match my yearly income in about 4 months using the same technichs. Find a company with a proven system and treat it like a business and it’ll pay you like a business.

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