Make Money As A Virtual Assistant

Virtual_AssistantsToday, internet has become a great source of income for a large number of people all around the world. Now, more and more people are joining the brigade of ‘Online Workforce’ and the reasons behind doing so are pretty good.

You do not have to go out of your home to work; you can work from any cozy corner of your home. And, this not only saves you time and money that you spend on commuting to work. We will talk about the one unique job opportunity available on the internet – ‘Virtual Assistant’ that will help you make money fast.
Virtual Assistant –
The person who works as a virtual assistant provides professional services that include administrative or technical assistance to the clients on the internet.
This make money from home job includes calls screening, announcements, correspondences and many other work.

Clients – A virtual assistant is generally hired by small businesses and consultancy firms. According to a recent report, there are around 35,000 people working as a Virtual Assistant worldwide and the number is growing very fast in this great job where you can make money fast.

People work on a contractual basis in this make money online job. Ideally, 5 years of administrative experience is required for this job and the positions offered are executive assistant, secretary, office manager, legal assistant etc.

Today, the business owners seek a reliable virtual assistant that has good working knowledge and experience for this post. They take online interviews to assess the competency of a candidate.

Certification – To improve your chances of getting hired for this make money online job, you can join a certification course for this job. This certification will give you the right knowledge and skills that you need for this job. There are many international associations that offer professional course for virtual assistants.

Small business companies are hiring the virtual assistant as it saves them a lot of money. For a regular employee, they have to pay their insurance and other benefits, but for a virtual assistant, there are no such expenses. Apart from the salary, they do not have to spend on anything else.

Contract – A company can either hire you on a long-term period or for just a couple of months depending on their requirements. And, in some cases, this post can be offered as a full-time fixture or as a ‘when-required’ basis for completing some urgent assignments.

Remuneration – The salary for this job is paid through electronic payment methods like PayPal etc. Also some companies can send you a check or money order, if you want. The starting salary is about $12 an hour. But, if you an experienced person with really good working skills, then the rate of pay can reach up to $45 an hour, that is pretty good. But, please note that as you are not a regular employee, so the employer will not pay you by the day, they will pay you for the actual hours you worked for them in a day.

So, you can work as a virtual assistant and make money from home, the salary is good and you have the comfort ability of your home. You do not need to step out of your home.

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  1. Marcelino Purington says:

    So, firstly and most importantly: find yourself some hand-holding in the form of a mentor or some excellent training, and join a forum or two and then read as much as you can about the having a virtual assistant career. There is a lot of training out there on all aspects of a virtual assistant career. Find some good sources and learn as much as you can. After all, you can never have too much knowledge! Remember, it is an extremely competitive industry and you need to place yourself above and ahead of everyone else, so read, train and learn.

  2. Elijah Humann says:

    I knew that research said that 97 % of weblogreaders just read and only 3% respond! Thanks and keep up the good work!

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