Paint House Numbers on Curbs and Make Money

It’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs. This niche profession is full of possibilities.

You probably never stopped to think about who painted the numbers on the curbs in your neighborhood.  Someone has to do it, though.  In reality, it’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs.

This niche industry is full of opportunity and possibilities for a self starter.  The major reason is that few companies actually paint house numbers on curbs exclusively.  Companies that do various types of industrial painting (like those who paint fire hydrants and traffic lines) will sometimes do curb number painting.  Some won’t bother at all.

However, those who will usually charge the same hourly rate that they charge for doing larger jobs.  Many homeowners simply aren’t willing to pay an industrial painter 50 dollars or more to paint house numbers on curbs.  Chances are excellent that they’d pay someone like you 20 dollars or less to do this.

The start-up cost for equipment to paint house numbers on curbs is minimal.  You’ll need to purchase number stencils.  These are available at most hardware stores.  They typically cost less than 20 dollars, and many are under ten dollars.

You’ll also need paint.  You should plan to spend around 50 dollars to start with.  This will get you a few cans of spray paint in different colors.  (Black, yellow and white are most commonly used for painting house numbers on curbs.)  You may want to invest in some type of reflective paint or other material so that numbers can be seen in the dark.

You may want to do some advertising when you first start out.  The cost will depend on what kind of advertising you do.  Printing and handing out flyers is relatively inexpensive; plan to spend about 50 dollars if you do this.  Newspaper advertising costs a bit more, but may be worth it because you’ll reach a larger audience more quickly.

However, the easiest way to get started is to simply go door to door and/or make phone calls.  First, cruise local neighborhoods and find houses that don’t have numbers or whose numbers are worn away and/or difficult to see.  Then, start knocking.

You can also drum up business by contacting the homeowner’s association agents of townhouse and condominium complexes.  Many of these require number painting on an annual or bi-annual basis for entire groups of homes or areas and would be happy to save a bit of homeowner’s money this way.

The ongoing costs to paint house numbers on curbs will also be minimal.  You’ll need to purchase paint on a regular basis.  You’ll also have to replace stencils when they wear out.  However, these costs will probably be just a few hundred dollars per year, depending on how much work you’ll be doing.

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