Sell Hair to Make Money

Did you know that you can sell hair to make money? Rapunzel’s golden locks may have been worth their weight in real gold. You might not catch a prince, but you too can profit from selling your long healthy locks to organizations that actually pay you for your hair.

Hairwork.com is one such company that deals with the lost art of Victorian hair art. This may sound strange to you, but there was a time when keeping a lock of someone’s hair was common, especially if the lock belonged to someone special. People would craft the strands of hair into a lovely keepsake, or pass it on as a family heirloom.

Other buyers use human hair to manufacture wigs. Human hair extensions are also popular among women who cannot grow their own hair long enough to suit their desired style. Hair ribbons have become popular for babies, toddlers, and children in beauty pageants.

You can find buyers of human hair in classifieds ads, on eBay, and on line.  Some pay cash, while others allow you to advertise on their sites. There are several buyers listed who have included personal testimonials from previous sellers on their websites.

Do your homework carefully. You may want to dialogue with several buyers before agreeing to sell hair to make money. Make sure you are dealing with a reputable buyer before you send them your hair.

Know what your buyer wants before you cut your hair so that you know how long to grow it, and what the current going rate for your tresses may be before you agree to sell. Healthy hair that measures 15 inches in length may sell for as much as $100.

Most interested parties are looking to purchase virgin hair, which is simply hair that is has not been chemically treated. This is usually strong, shiny and healthy, and therefore brings the highest price. Virgin hair is hair that has NOT been:

•    Permed hair
•    Chemically relaxed
•    Bleached
•    Frosted
•    Highlighted
•    or otherwise Color Treated

To make your hair shiny and smooth looking for photos, you may want to rinse it in cool water and vinegar. The acidic nature of vinegar will lay down the cuticle layer of the hair strands and help your locks reflect light, for a shiny healthy look that buyers will pay top dollar for.

Selling your hair is a painless way to make a few extra dollars.

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