Sell Junk For Money

Sell JunkMake money by scrapping copper. Copper is a highly valued metal and can be found in many different areas. With creative scavenging, a person could earn pocket cash for their search.

The most prized and sought after scrap metal is copper. Unfortunately, it also one of the most vandalized and stolen metals. Without lowering your standards to stealing, you can make money by selling scrap copper. Depending on where you live and what the market is like, you can sell copper for about $3-$4 a pound. All that is required is an eye for discovering junk and elbow grease for possible wire stripping.

Step One

Before beginning your business venture, you should learn everything you can about selling copper. Find out where you can locate copper. Such places could be older homes which have copper plumbing. If you know of an older home having it’s plumbing replaced with PVC, you might volunteer to haul off all the old copper from the residence. Another place to find copper is inside certain wires. To reach the copper, you will have to purchase a tool to assist in stripping the wires.

You will also need to investigate the best places to sell your copper. The easiest way to investigate is to browse through your phone book and look under recyclers. Compare the different businesses, so you can get the best price for your copper.

Step Two

Recover copper from your finds. Visit construction sites and see if you can broker a deal with them for hauling off the copper they remove from the premises. Visit houses which are being remodeled. Make sure you have the permission of the contractor and owner before hauling copper off the job. You might also want to protect yourself by having the contractor and owner sign a document releasing the copper into your possession. This will protect you in case a police officer questions you about where you obtained the copper.

Remove copper from old electrical wires which you can find from old electronics, such as computer monitors, computer mother boards, and television sets. You can remove the circuit boards and find copper in the wiring. There are different grades of copper from wiring. Be certain to separate these wiring from the thickest to the thinnest.

Step 3

Set up an area in your backyard storage building or in your garage to store the copper while you collect more. You can purchase a storage shelf and bins at your local hardware store or you may want to cut the cost and visit your local flea market or garage sale to find the storage containers you need.

Step 4

Haul your copper to the local scrap yard. Depending on the size and quantity of what you have collected, you may need a truck to haul the copper to the scrap yard. When you arrive to the yard, drive across the scales and wait for permission to drive forward. Then you can unload your copper. At this point, you will be required to drive back across the scales. Before you leave, you will receive a check for your copper.

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