Sell Your Children’s Clothing and Make Money

kids-clothesYou can make money by selling your children’s outgrown clothing. Children grow so fast and because of that their clothes are ill fitting before a sign of wear is present. You can make money by selling or consigning your children’s gently worn clothing.

Selling children’s clothing offers parents the ability to earn money quickly. Parents can sift through their children’s ill fitting clothing and sell the best quality clothing for a price. Sometimes children are bought clothes and outgrow them before they even had a chance to wear them. Other times there are clothes children do not want to wear. In any case, if you have boxes of gently used clothing you can sell them to earn extra money.

Step One

Before ever beginning this opportunity, surf online and research which children’s clothing brands retain the best value.  These are the brands you should buy if you are interested in reselling them. While your child is wearing the clothes, make sure you keep them laundered well and treated for any stains.

Step Two

Gather clothes from other sources. Money is your priority in this venture. Ask friends and family members if they have gently worn clothing you could take off their hands. Offer to pick up the bags or boxes of clothing.

You can also find garments at thrift stores, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Visit their stores and browse their children’s section. Look for brand name pieces and ones which have no stains, rips, or loose hems. At Goodwill, they have a color of the day which gives you an extra discount.

Step Three

Any time you receive clothing from other people or you have bought at a thrift shop, you will need to wash it. Pressing clothes makes them more appealing to buy. Buy a can of spray starch and use it while ironing, it will make your clothes look new. Also, look for missing buttons, snaps, or zippers. You will need to repair these items as well as mend any small tears or rips.

Step Four

Once you have your pieces laundered and iron, then it is time to find a buyer. There are three main places to sell your garments. First, garage/yard sales are wonderful to sell children’s clothes. People search out garage sales just for kid’s clothing because clothes are so expensive. Second, there are many resale shops which accept children’s clothing from baby sizes to small children. Many of the resale stores will pay you within a couple of days. Third, consignment shops are a good place to leave your clothing, however you should note they usually look for name brands or formals. Consignment stores may take longer to pay because your paychecks only come when one of your apparel items sell.


You can earn extra money by investigating the children’s clothes you have or have been given and turn the clothing into cash. Always be on the lookout for name brand articles of clothing, so you will always have a steady stash for selling.

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