Start A Cake Decorating Business and Make Money

Start A Cake Decorating BusinessDecorating cakes is a year round business. You can take a slice of the business by creating a unique business of cupcake decorating. If you have the skill to decorate or are willing to learn, this idea is the perfect work at home opportunity.

The creative and artistic process in cake decorating will give you an outlet to put your talent to use while earning money. The cupcake premise is the same as becoming an at home cake decorator, but you could spin this career in a different direction by discovering your niche in the industry. Cupcakes can be made into any shape or size and positioned on a flat surface in popular shapes. Frosting can be spread like decorating a cake. Cupcakes can be tiered and towered like a wedding cake. This career needs a small investment for equipment, such as a Lazy-Susan, baking pans, an industrial mixer, and icing bags with tips.

Step One

Honing your craft takes practice. Perfecting your craft takes continuing education. To become the best you can possibly be in the cake decorating industry, you should consider learning more about the techniques. Many craft stores houses classrooms in the back of their stores and offer basic, intermediate, and advanced classes in cake decorating. Another way you can learn more about the craft is to volunteer at a bakery and become an apprentice. It is a win-win situation, they get volunteer hours from you and they give you the education you need.

Step Two

Find a recipe which is moist and sweet and butter-lious. Experiment with every recipe you can find and then bake it over and over again until you become an expert on the recipe. Take your experimental cakes to social gatherings to get input from others.

Step Three

Obtain a food handler’s license. This is an essential step for working out of your home. You may also need to check with your local city to see if there are any permits you must have for serving food out of your home. Set up your business tax ID number with your local city. With a tax ID number you can purchase equipment and supplies for your business without any additional taxes.

Step Four

Study other cake decorator’s artistic skills with cupcakes. Look at pictures and get an idea about different ways to decorate cupcakes. Practice, practice, practice your craft. Be creative with the cupcakes, embellish them in unique ways which is different from your competitors.

Step Five

Consider creating a blog or website for promotion. Be sure to post pictures of your productions. You can add pricing information, permits, and previous experience on your online presence.

Another idea is word of mouth, consider taking your cakes to social gatherings or providing your cakes free of charge for birthday parties and special occasions. Also, make use of your local paper and advertise.


You can earn money by becoming a cupcake designer. The cake decorating business is booming and you can have a slice of the profits by opening your own work at home cupcake decorating business.

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