Start A Candle Making Business and Make Money

Creating candles for all different occasions and themes can be the perfect work at home opportunity for you. With little start-up cost and a few ideas, you can create the perfect individualized gift to sell for profit.

Gift giving personalize candles has risen in popularity since the 1990’s. They can be made for any occasion or theme, such as gel candles in the shape of soda glasses, aquariums, or traditional pillar candles. The possibilities are endless. All you need is a great imagination.

Skills Needed

Skills which would be helpful to a business person wanting to begin a candle-making business would be some knowledge of crafting. You need to know the different types of candles.

Tapers are slender candles, sometimes called a dinner candle. Pillar candles are free-standing candles which have a diameter of three inches or more. They can be round, square, hexagonal, etc. They must be burned on a candle holder. Container or jar candles are candles which the materials are poured into a glass, metal, or ceramic container, specifically designed to withstand heat. Votive candles are small cylindrical candles, which are usually about two inches in diameter. Gel candles are a transparent-type candle made from mineral oils. There is soft gel for special molds and hard gels for free-standing candles. The last types of candles are tea lights, luminaries, and specialty type candles.

You need to have knowledge of quality control in candle-making, dipping wicks into wax, and then the process of molding, dipping, extruding, pressing, rolling, drawn or filling candles into their desired shapes.


When beginning this type of business there is a few essential equipment and supplies you will need. Thermometers are essential tools to monitor candle production accurately. Pouring pots help easily pour candle-making material into molds. Wick holder bars take the frustration out of wicking candles. Wax heaters are helpful for heating wax for all candle maker sizes.

Supplies you may need to begin your business depends on what type of candles you want to make. Candle wax and candle wax additives to help soften wax, improve fragrance retention, improve gloss, and mold release of candles. If you plan to make gel candles instead of traditional paraffin wax candles, you will need candle gel and inserts. Candle wicks come in raw wicks and pre-waxed wicks. Solid and liquid scents will make your candles aromatically pleasing. Candle colors come in blocks, liquids, and powders. They are perfect for paraffin, gel candles, or over dipping. Candle molds come in standard aluminum candle molds to designer shaped molds. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as floater candle molds.


Candle-making is one of the good home business ideas to begin because it requires a relatively low set-up cost and it is also simple to operate. Another benefit is if you are a creative person, you will find this business fun and will enjoy the work of your hands. You may want to try candle-making first as a hobby and perfect your craft before beginning your business.

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  1. prameela.raj.m says:

    i want to start a candle making business, how do I start this business, please help me.

  2. shivanayak G says:

    i want to start a candle making business, how do I start this business, please help me.

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