Start a Home Inspection Business and Make Money

Home Inspection is a great career opportunity. If you have previous experience in construction you would make a good candidate for owning your own business as an inspector.

A home inspection is a documented, professional opinion of a home to determine the home’s condition. Home buyers have continued to ask for more inspectors steadily since the 1970’s. They want someone to evaluate a potential real estate investment and tell them if the property is a sound purchase. Training to become a home inspector varies widely. Training requirements depend upon the state’s licensing and certification requirements. This type of business venture is an excellent career choice because you are only out of pocket for your education, certification, and marketing.

Step One

Consider your background qualifications. There is specific training which will help you in this endeavor. A college education with emphasis on engineering, architecture, or construction management will assist you. Having the ability to write and speak clearly is a must. Familiarity with computers and software will help you with your position. Most of all, having a-hands-on experience with construction and renovation work will increase your success.

Step Two

Find a training facility which offers certification in home inspection. Be careful which school you choose. Some courses provide very little content for the money you pay. A good first step is to join the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). There are several training schools and courses which can help you. Some are even home study courses.

Step Three

Check with your local government about setting up your business. There may be applications to fill out and fees to be paid. Determine what your requirements are for beginning a new business. You may need to be licensed and bonded. Some states require you to register with the state as well.

Each state has different requirements for their home inspectors. Take the time and research what your state laws are concerning this career. Furthermore, investigate different prices for liability insurance for your new business. You need this type of insurance if a client is not pleased with your work and they file suit against you.

Step Four

Market yourself. Purchase or create from a home computer, business cards, brochures, and/or a website, these items will help you in obtaining customers. Consider taking adds out in your local newspaper or a commercial on your local television or radio station.

Step Five

If you find that work is slow between jobs, you can diversify your business. Offer other inspections as well. You can research the possibilities, such as termite, swimming pool, spa, septic system, and home maintenance. If you don’t mind the hazards, you could offer inspections of radon, lead, asbestos, and carbon monoxide testing.


To be successful at this career, you want to be a competent home inspector who does a thorough job. Remember to write your inspection reports in detail, so the client knows exactly what you mean. Most of all work on your people skills and seek to find a professional relationship with your clients.

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