Start a Lawn Care Business and Make Money

lawncareLawn care is an ever growing business. People have known about making money from residential and commercial lawn care for a while. But there is an untapped business out there, rural lands needs tall grass mowed, too.

A bush hog is actually a brand name for a flat deck mower, but the name is commonly used to describe a heavily built rotary mower. Typically these mowers attach to the back of a farm tractor using a three-point hitch. They feature wide-side discharge openings and are available in 60-inch and 72-inch cutting widths for tractors 15 to 40 PTO horsepower. These machines can be bought and then used to cut pastures and large lawns. You can earn money cutting grass with a powerful machine.

To Get Started

If you don’t already own the equipment, you need to shop around. Brand new Bush Hogs and similar brands price between $600 and $800. If you need to cut corners financially, then shop around for a used one or even try the wrecking yards for an older model. The older models don’t mean that they are outdated and unusable. This type of equipment is built to last. They are made of heavy metal.

If you don’t already own a farm tractor or a heavy duty riding lawn mower, then you need to shop around for one. Don’t be tempted into buying anything brand new. Find a good running used, small, tractor to do your business. You might also need a truck and trailer to cart the tractor and bush hog to various client’s lands.

To work in this business, you need to be familiar with these types of equipment. You also need to know how to maintain your equipment. Cleaning your blades with each use will keep them from rusting and using a grinding wheel regularly will keep them sharp.

Business Plan

Start your lawn care business on the right foot by creating a thorough business plan. You need to decide on a name. Make sure your business name stands out from any other local landscaping service. You should decide on how much you want to spend on a mower, fertilizers and chemical applications. Most lawn care services offer basic mowing and then add more services like landscaping as the owner acquires more equipment and experience. Last, decide on how much you want to spend on business cards, flyers, advertising, and a website.


Before you attempt to gain clients, check the local licensing requirements in your area. You will want to check into buying liability insurance for your business. Generally, people expect to see the bonding, licensing, and insurance information listed on the business card.


You will need references to get started in this business. Consider doing pro-bono work for friends, relatives, or church organizations to obtain the reference you require. You will need to create professional-looking business cards to pass to potential customers. Consider making flyers to hang around town or place an advertisement in your local newspaper.

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