Start a Membership Website and Make Money

Creating a website geared for a specific audience can generate cash flow for you. There are many different types of website clubs on the Internet dealing with particular topics such as, genealogy, high IQ’s, writers of a certain genre, readers of a certain genre, building contractors, fan clubs, and many more. You can create a website for a particular audience and then offer memberships to those interested. Your website will hold information which will be useful to each member.

Membership-Only Content

Decide what type of content to provide in the membership-only section. Many sites offer mentoring, coaching, courses, or articles which supplies the members with specific information regarding their interest. Other membership-only sites not only provide information, but also provide a forum for like-minded individuals to congregate and share their common interest.

The key all membership-only sites share is that they provide specialized information which is hard for users to find anywhere else.


If you have the available money to spend on a professionally designed website, then you should browse the Internet and invest in one. However, if you are like most people and are on a budget, then you should create your own site. With a little creativity and a whole lot of patience, you can fashion your own website for a fraction of the cost.


Remember to include a sign-up database on your homepage for people to become members. You will also need a shopping cart, so people can pay you digitally for their membership.

On your homepage, advertise the benefits of becoming a member. You could have a message board for like-minded members to chat with one another. You could offer a newsletter to members and offer more information regarding the topic of the website. You could write a book on the subject of interest and publish it as an e-book. Each person who signs-up to become a member will receive the link for a free e-book.

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