Start a Pet Business and Make Money

You can make money by offering to rent pets to families. There’s no doubt about it animals and their supplies can be expensive. The cost alone can deter parents from buying pets.

The idea of renting pets is not a new one. The first concept hit the news with much disagreement. However, there are several advantages to renting pets. Parents listen to the children plead for pets but are unsure if their children will actually care for the pets like they promise. By renting pets you can give parents the assurance that their children will be responsible for the pets. Another positive aspect of renting pets is businesses that want large aquariums in their offices but are not knowledgeable about the fish and equipment. You can offer to rent small pets to families and fishes to businesses to make money.


Check with your local government about setting up your business. There may be applications to fill out and fees to be paid. Determine what your requirements are for beginning a new business. You may need to be licensed and bonded. Some states require you to register with the state as well.

Check laws concerning animal rights. State and local laws may be different, so be certain to check both. Also, check into liability insurance. The type of insurance will protect you in the event a pet bites a renter and then they sue you.


Decide which type of animals you want to rent. You will need to price check animals and equipment to help you determine what you can afford. Set a budget and stick with it.

For families with children consider hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, or birds. Provide the cage, bedding supplies, and food with the pet, and offer to sell the complete kit to the family if they decide they want to keep the pet. You can rent these small animals by the week. This is a great way for parents and children to test different pets and the children’s ability to take care of the pet before making a commitment to purchase pets.

Possible equipment you may need: clean cages, water bottles, food dishes, bedding, and pet food.

For businesses, you can earn possibly more money by renting tropical fish with large aquariums. Doctors, lawyers, restaurant owners, and business owners alike enjoy the ambiance an aquarium gives waiting rooms.

Decide what type of tropical fish you want to rent and which fish is compatible together. Offer to rent the tropical fish and the aquarium with your services of cleaning the tank. If you clean the tank yourself you can protect your investment better and earn extra money.

The equipment pieces you may need are: tank, heater, top cover, gravel, filter, air pump, chemicals, water pump, lights, and gravel vacuum or siphon. Some of these things will make your tank easier to maintain and make the aquarium more pleasing to the eye, but you may not need all the pieces. What equipment you purchase depends on the type of set up you have.

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