Start An Office Cleaning Business: Five Compelling Benefits

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to work for yourself but weren’t sure what business was right for you.  Maybe you’re in a career that’s going nowhere and you want something better.  Maybe you work too much and have a cumbersome daily commute and just long for a shorter work week.  Whatever your case, an office cleaning business may be the answer to your desire for change and passion to do something better.

Actually, there are lots of benefits to starting and owning your own office cleaning business.  Here are just five of them:

1) You don’t need to spend a lot of money up front.  One of the biggest hurdles to launching a business is often the initial investment.

However, you actually need very little money to start an office cleaning business. In fact, a number of successful entrepreneurs have been able to start an office cleaning business with no money at all.  Lack of capital need not be a deterrent.

2) You don’t need any special skills.  Office cleaners/custodians are in high demand everywhere.  This and the fact that you don’t need special training make it one of the easiest industries to break into.

3) Your work hours will be fairly flexible.  In fact, you can set your own hours if you prefer.  Let potential clients know up front what hours your services are available and they will work with you.

Most successful office cleaning business owners start out by working weeknight evenings. They come in after a business closes for the day and work for a few hours.

Depending on the size of the office and the clients needs, it can take anywhere from two to eight hours to complete.  If you prefer to work shorter hours, limit your contracts to smaller establishments.

4) There is enormous potential to expand.  Many people who start an office cleaning business begin with just a few contracts. They often do all the work themselves at first.

It’s easy to start out this way.  Later on, though, if you want to expand you can.  You can work at landing contracts and then hire employees to go and do the work. You can recruit
as many clients as you want to in your own timing.  Eventually you’ll be able to sit back and simply manage the business while your crews do all the cleaning.

5) You can get paid right away.  Even when you first start out, you can watch the money start to come in almost immediately.  You can set up your pay schedule however you like.   If you prefer it, you can have your clients pay you every two weeks, twice per month or once per month.  It won’t take very long before that first paycheck rolls in.

One of the most challenging aspects of starting your own office cleaning business is generating clients.  If this isn’t your strong skill area, it will help to read up on the subject.  You can learn all kinds of things including how to advertise, how to approach potential business clients, how to negotiate a contract and what to charge for your services.

Start An Office Cleaning Business Today!

Starting and office cleaning business can be profitable and enjoyable.  We recommend this website www.cleaninguptheprofits.com as a key resource to get more information.

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