Start an Upholstery Business and Make Money

Your talent for sewing and ability to craft items can be turned into real cash. An upholstery service can be anywhere from refurbishing everyday furniture to repairing antique furniture, not to mention refinishing wood furniture. There are also possibilities to upholster which you may not have thought of like RV and boat upholstery.


You will need to know something about the art of upholstery before beginning. To gain knowledge of the subject, study furniture and how it was made. Find a chair you don’t mind tearing apart. Begin by noticing how the material is connected to the furniture. Remove it and study how the foam or cushioning is attached. Other possibilities for learning the subject are to read books and watch videos on the trade. Another idea is to take upholstery classes.

If you do not know how to repair furniture and only know how to upholster it, you may want to keep a list of furniture repairmen handy to recommend to your customers. Perhaps you could learn the trade of repairing as well, so that extra money doesn’t leave your shop.

Equipment Needed

The main equipment you will need to have on hand is a sewing machine. You will also need a pair of needle nose pliers, a staple gun or upholstery tacks, a rubber mallet, a pair of sharp scissors, welting, a glue gun, and cotton batting or upholstery foam.


You may want to consider using your talent in a specialty market. Think about your personal preferences and abilities. What do you like to do most? There are several different markets to think about when deciding to go into business.

Vehicle upholstery is the customization of a vehicle. Furniture restoration is the ability to take worn out furniture and reupholster it to make it look like new. Marine upholstery is customizing boats with sitting places covered with the right material to withstand the wetness.

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