Start Your Own Medical Transportation Business and Make Money

The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation industry (NEMT) is a rapidly expanding business/service niche.  Currently the demand for non-emergency medical transportation outweighs the available supply in many areas of North America.  This makes the medical transportation business rife with opportunities and possibilities.  Thousands of people have discovered how to make money in this niche and many are running ongoing, successful businesses.

“Non-emergency medical transportation” refers to escorting patients (who are not in immediate medical distress) to health care appointments.  This may include regular doctor’s visits/check-ups, specialist appointments, scheduled (non-complicated) surgeries and procedures and therapy sessions.

The growing demand for medical transportation is due in large part to an aging world population.  People are living longer than they did a half-century ago. Subsequently, a person’s lifetime medical needs are greater than ever.  Even senior citizens who are relatively healthy require more care as they age.

A number of other factors have also contributed to the opportunities available to run a successful medical transportation business.  Senior citizens are less mobile and ambulatory than people under age 65.  They’re also more likely today than ever before to be leaving apart from their nuclear and extended family members (adult children, grandchildren, siblings).  Subsequently, a majority of seniors have no family members to rely upon for transportation to health care appointments.

How to earn money providing transportation to health care services: A medical transportation business is a relatively simple one to start in terms of the types of things you’ll have to invest in.  Let’s assume that you’re going to start out as an owner-operated, sole-employee enterprise.  Your main piece of equipment will be a safe, senior-friendly vehicle.  If you intend to transport wheelchair-bound or semi-ambulatory clients, you’ll need one that’s outfitted with a lift and/or a stretcher with locks.

Another one of your biggest financial expenses will be that of insurance (both vehicle and liability, plus any necessary business or other types of insurance).  This expense will be an ongoing one (monthly or annually, depending on your plan), so you must plan accordingly.  Other smaller expenses may include things like a business license, basic first aid certification, administrative costs, taxes and advertising.

Many medical transportation business operators are based out of their own homes.  This helps to keep overhead expenses down.

Besides being a simple business to start, a medical transportation business is one that is easily expanded by adding vehicles and hiring extra drivers.  Many medical transportation business owners start out as sole operator-employee outfits and expand as their business grows and they develop a reputation.  With a senior citizen population that is expected to double by 2030, the potential for future expansion is significant.

Entrepreneurs can find more helpful information on the Web about how to make money providing rides to health care appointments.  Market research is also important and will provide you with important clues about the size of your local seniors population and the resources that are currently available in your community.  This information will give you practical ideas about the kinds of services you should consider offering in your medical transportation business.

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