Sell Junk For Money

Sell JunkMake money by scrapping copper. Copper is a highly valued metal and can be found in many different areas. With creative scavenging, a person could earn pocket cash for their search.

The most prized and sought after scrap metal is copper. Unfortunately, it also one of the most vandalized and stolen metals. Without lowering your standards to stealing, you can make money by selling scrap copper. Depending on where you live and what the market is like, you can sell copper for about $3-$4 a pound. All that is required is an eye for discovering junk and elbow grease for possible wire stripping.

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Start A Cake Decorating Business and Make Money

Start A Cake Decorating BusinessDecorating cakes is a year round business. You can take a slice of the business by creating a unique business of cupcake decorating. If you have the skill to decorate or are willing to learn, this idea is the perfect work at home opportunity.

The creative and artistic process in cake decorating will give you an outlet to put your talent to use while earning money. The cupcake premise is the same as becoming an at home cake decorator, but you could spin this career in a different direction by discovering your niche in the industry. Cupcakes can be made into any shape or size and positioned on a flat surface in popular shapes. Frosting can be spread like decorating a cake. Cupcakes can be tiered and towered like a wedding cake. This career needs a small investment for equipment, such as a Lazy-Susan, baking pans, an industrial mixer, and icing bags with tips.

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Make Money Creating Concrete Sculptures

1000sculptureAs long as buildings are built, there will be concrete blocks. As long as parking lots pave the exterior lawns of sky rises in the concrete jungle, there will be bumper blocks. As long as people plant seeds, water them, and watch them grow, there will be flower pots. The concrete business is a steady business where you can earn an income by using skill and ingenuity.

Step One

You should first gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Step Two

Decide what type of molding you want to use. Aluminum molding is good for flower pots, statues, bumper blocks, picnic tables, etc. This type of molding requires several steps in preparing it to use. You will need to educate yourself on using aluminum molding. You can find some of these molds which have been used at a cheaper rate. Smaller molds tend to be more expensive. Larger molds which do not have such intricate designs are not as expensive.

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Make Money With Your Own Boat Launching Business

1000boat-launchPeople enjoy boating. Experiencing the sun, water, and full breeze captivates the interest of boating enthusiasts. However, most people will agree the most aggravating aspect of boating is the long lines of waiting at public launch ramps. Another problem that arises is people’s lack of skill in backing a trailer. If you own your own private launching ramp you can solve both of these problems by charging boating enthusiasts for the use of your ramp and offer your services for launching their boat.

Step One

You should first gather information about your local government laws and requirements, concerning a small business. Fill out any business license application as required by federal, state, and city laws.

Phone your insurance company and check liability rates. You will need to protect yourself in case a mishap happens.

If you struggle with backing trailers down ramps, then you should practice before beginning your business. You will be performing this task on a daily basis, so you need to make certain you can negotiate the move safely.

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Make Money As A Window Washer

window-washerWindows become dirty. The weather with a mixture of rain and dust leave grimy traces on glass surfaces. A window washer’s market is either residential or business. Most homeowners wash their own and since this is the case a washer’s main work comes from the business arena.

One of the benefits to becoming a window washer is you can choose if you want to work part-time or full-time. The flexibility allows you availability to be with your family and participate in your family activities.

Tip One

You can begin this business with a low start-up cost. Typically, you might spend less than three-hundred dollars buying this equipment. You will need an 18-inch window brush, aluminum telescopic brush handle, a 6-, 10-, and 18-inch squeegee, plastic or galvanized water pails, a ladder, soap, clean rags, towels, and a sharp razor blade scraper.

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Start A Dog Day Care Business At Home

Dog DaycareWhen it comes to money, there are a number of different kinds of ways to earn it. Money has always been and will always be a very important need of every person living in this world.

Now, when we talk of the different ways to earn money, I wanted to suggest you about a cool ‘make money at home’ idea that can really earn you some good cash – the ‘Doggie Day Care’ work. This is a great idea for money making.

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E-Bay – Selling Products & Getting Commissions

emoneyWhen it comes to the online job opportunities, there are a number of different kinds of works available on the internet and you can choose any of them of your choice that suits you.

And, if you are specifically looking for a very simple to do job that does not require any kind of technical skills, then becoming an affiliate with ‘E-Bay, (the leading e-commerce site) is just the job you are looking for. Yes, this is one of the easiest jobs available on the internet that promises you quick cash with very less efforts.

E-Bay – eBay is an US based online auction and shopping portal where people from all over the world buy and sell a vast variety of goods and services. On this trading portal, a lager part of the sales is generated through a fixed time auction format and the rest of the items are sold through ‘Buy It Now’ category where you can buy an item instantly without placing a bid. And, there are many items that really hard to find at the retails.

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Start a Web Design Business

Start a Web Design BusinessToday, when a large number of people are getting bored with their 9-5 job and looking for the ‘Online Jobs’, there are many different kinds of online work opportunities available for them that they can do from the comfort of their home. But, I have written this article specifically for the web development and web designing jobs available on the internet.

In this new age of ‘online world’ owning a site is very essential as it acts as a sales representative for a business 24 hrs/day. But just owning a website will never work for an online business unless it has all the things that help it reach the top rankings and make profits. And, this part is done by the ‘web developers’ and ‘web designers’.

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