Make Money As A Window Washer

window-washerWindows become dirty. The weather with a mixture of rain and dust leave grimy traces on glass surfaces. A window washer’s market is either residential or business. Most homeowners wash their own and since this is the case a washer’s main work comes from the business arena.

One of the benefits to becoming a window washer is you can choose if you want to work part-time or full-time. The flexibility allows you availability to be with your family and participate in your family activities.

Tip One

You can begin this business with a low start-up cost. Typically, you might spend less than three-hundred dollars buying this equipment. You will need an 18-inch window brush, aluminum telescopic brush handle, a 6-, 10-, and 18-inch squeegee, plastic or galvanized water pails, a ladder, soap, clean rags, towels, and a sharp razor blade scraper.

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