Paint House Numbers on Curbs and Make Money

It’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs. This niche profession is full of possibilities.

You probably never stopped to think about who painted the numbers on the curbs in your neighborhood.  Someone has to do it, though.  In reality, it’s possible to make $100 or more in just a few hours when you paint house numbers on curbs.

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Make Money Helping Students Improve ACT Scores

A major factor that helps college admissions boards determine a potential student’s academic ability is his or her ACT score.  This has given rise to an industry of para-education classes to help students improve ACT scores.

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Make Money Picking and Selling Wildflowers

Wildflower gifts and arrangements are popular.  This demand has opened up a niche for people who want to pick and sell wildflowers as a source of extra income.

If you’ve ever spent time in a local craft/gift shop, you’ve probably seen handmade wildflower gifts.  Cards, pictures, candles and many others feature real wildflowers.  They make beautiful additions to craft items and are popular with customers.  This demand has opened up a niche for people who want to pick and sell wildflowers as a source of extra income.

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Plant Bulbs and Make Money

You can earn money by selling flowers in the spring. Plant flower bulbs and watch them and your wallet grow.

Flower bulbs are a fast and easy way to make money during the summer months. Flowers are very popular. People love beautifying their property with an explosion of color during the warm, sunny months.

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Make Money Connecting Electronic Devices

You can earn extra money by connecting electronic devices for people who do not know how. Advertise for your services. You can own and operate your own small business with some skill and business savvy.

With the rise in electronic devices, people struggle learning about the device, and also how to connect it to other devices. For example, families need their Blu-Ray DVD connected to their big screen television, X-box 360 to a television, or a video camera to a television.

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Make Money Doing Winter Rescues

If you own a 4×4 vehicle such as a Jeep, Hummer, or a truck, you could earn money during the wintertime by pulling stranded motorists off the side of the road. Many motorists are reluctant to call a towing service because of the exorbitant fees, but you could offer your services for a minimal charge.

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Make Money Doing Video Editing

Making video montages can be a rewarding way of making money. Sharing in the special occasions of someone’s life and chronicling it on video helps preserve endearing moments. People will gladly pay someone to produce a history of their lives.

Strong editing and creative skills in video editing software can open career possibilities for you.Creating video montages for people can be a full-time or a part-time business.  Video montages could also be a photo montage. These montages can be shared as a part of a celebration or just for families to remember.

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Make Money Selling Coupons on eBay

Do you have a penchant for selling? Would you like to earn money by selling coupons online?  Selling coupons on eBay can be one of the profitable work at home jobs.

Since 1998, eBay has been an online marketplace for millions of individuals. Buyers and Sellers alike grappled for the one thing they want most…a good deal. This is the single most important key to success in selling on e-Bay.There are a number of people who sell coupons on eBay. The exciting news is that there are many people buying the coupons. Selling coupons has great advantages for example, shipping is easy with a regular envelope and a first class stamp. There is no need for packing materials, scales, or trips to the post office. Learn the secrets of becoming a successful seller of coupons.

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Make Money Renting Out Metal Detectors

Going to the beach is fun for the entire family. However, many families and beach enthusiasts lose their valuables. You can earn extra money by renting out metal detectors.

People enjoy visiting the beach. Experiencing the sun, water, and full breeze captivates the interest of beach enthusiasts. However, most people will agree the most aggravating aspect of visiting the beach is losing valuables.

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Make Money as a Neighborhood Security Guard

Make money as a personal security guard patrolling neighborhoods for a fee. Many upscale neighborhoods have residents willing to pay for night time security. You can make a career out of becoming a personal security guard.

We live in a moment of time when security and peace of mind are not only essential but they have become a commodity. Parents want to raise their children in a neighborhood which is safe from pedophiles, thieves, and vandals. Parents want their children to be able to ride their bicycles around the neighborhood without fear of strangers. Parents want to lay their heads on their pillows at night without the worry someone will break into their homes or vehicles. For a reasonable price, you can be the solution to their problems by becoming a neighborhood security guard.

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