Teach a Workshop to Make Money

workshopYou can earn money by teaching a workshop online or at a community center. Experience in a specific subject can help you earn extra income. Teaching is a great way to make money.

Workshops are popular these days especially since most people own a personal computer and can access workshops online. A quick search online and you can find workshops being taught on nearly every subject. The great thing about teaching is that if you are an extrovert and believe you might have local interest in your subject, you can rent a community center to teach your class at. On the other hand, if you are more of an introvert and believe your subject will need a broader audience, then you can teach online. Another positive aspect of earning money through teaching is it requires little start-up costs.  If you are an expert in any field you can earn money teaching what you know and love.

Step One

Do your research. Make certain there is a public interest for your subject. See if there are other similar workshops in your area and also look online to see how many workshops are available for your topic.

Step Two

Perfect your knowledge. Cultivate your knowledge of a chosen subject. Learn everything you can about your topic. What is the cutting edge information? Take additional courses or obtain certifications. This will make you look more qualified to teach a workshop.

Step Three

Begin looking for places to teach. If you feel industrious you can rent a local community center to teach. However, there are other places possibly willing to hire you. Check local libraries, community colleges, and certain special interests groups or civic groups. If your subject is a craft, you can check with local arts and crafts stores or sewing notions stores.

Step Four

Create your curriculum. You should have an understanding of the principles you want to teach. Your students should have a syllabus of what you intend to cover in your workshop. Type your curriculum and make a packet of information for your students to follow. Sometimes when a student can’t make a workshop they will be willing to pay for a teaching packet. You can also sell your teaching packet online through your blog or website.

Step Five

Gather necessary items for class. Depending on what type of workshop you are teaching, you will need to make certain everyone has what they need to complete the class. If students need to purchase materials, be sure they have their list of requirements. If you are teaching a traditional class you will need a white board and possibly some basic office supplies.

Step Six

To attract more attention to your workshop, consider offering some freebies. People love receiving extra books, discounts, or gift cards. You could give these away for early sign-ups.

Also, you could consider recording a video presentation of your workshop to sell when you are teaching. These are not too costly depending on the company you hire.


Teaching what you love is an excellent way to make money. You can teach your desire subject at a community center, library, special interest group meetings, or in an online workshop. Inspire others to learn by spreading your own knowledge.

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