Ten Ways to Make Money Fast

The economy has hit everyone hard. In these hard times, people need ideas on how to earn money fast. Whether the money is needed for bills or unexpected situations, these ten ideas will help you get the money you need.

1. Sell Personal Items

Equipment and vehicles tend to sell well. Even vehicles that are in need of repair can be sold for spare parts. Riding lawn mowers even older models attract buyers.

2. Mow Lawns

Drive around your local neighborhoods looking for overgrown yards. For a flat fee, offer your services to mow the lawn, trim the edges, and blow trimmings and dirt off the sidewalks and driveway.

3. Homecoming Mums

Homecoming is a welcomed time by the community with everyone arriving to the game with mums or garters. Mums are easy to create and local arts and crafts store sell the needed supplies and instructions.

4. Donate plasma

People overlook this easy and fast way of earning money. This idea is beneficial for the donor and recipient. Collection centers can be found in most cities. They accept donations at least twice a week. Most centers compensate their donors between $20-$40 per donation.

5. Recycle

Decide to recycle in your home. Designate trash cans for each type of recyclable materials: metal, glass, paper, and plastic. This idea may actually save you money as well as earn it. Taking the bags of recyclable material to the center will earn you cash. It can also reduce your trash burden which may reduce what you pay for your trash pickup.

6. Etsy

Women in particular are in love with Etsy. Etsy is an online marketplace where individuals can sell their crafts. Consumers love buying handmade products. Many of the products on the site are priced reasonable, so it is a win-win for consumer and creator.

7. Photographer

Do you love taking pictures and own a good digital camera? Then consider snapping shots and earn money fast by selling them online. Many websites buy stock photography and will pay about twenty-five cents per photo downloaded and sometimes will pay extra for commission.

8. Bake

Open up your kitchen and bake. Home cooked baked goods taste better than the store bought counterparts. Use family recipes and advertise locally. In some smaller towns, bakeries are not found. People need cakes for celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations. Also, consider baking cupcakes.

9. Hauling

If you own a truck and trailer put it to good use and earn money with it. Drive around your local neighborhood and find yards with heavy items in need of hauling off. Talk to homeowners and offer your services to haul off the items. Sometimes there is trash which needs to be hauled. For a fee offer to haul trash off as well.

10. Dog walking

Dogs need attention, love, and exercise but with crazy work schedules sometimes the exercise is the last thing accomplished. Offer your services to households in need of a dog walker.

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