Write Reviews for Money

A definition of a review is a critical evaluation. This means that there is more to writing a review then just giving an opinion. Many consumers value well-written reviews. They depend upon these reviews before making a decision about whether to purchase a product. It is important as a reviewer to know what to say and how to say it well.

State Facts

Before writing the review, determine all the facts about the product you will write about. Certain information must be presented, such as the name of the product, the name of the maker of the product, the price, how long the maker has been in business, and places where the product can be bought. Make certain the review can accurately explain what the product does and is capable of doing. Finally, brainstorm a title which is catchy but specific.

Pros and Cons

Gather information concerning the product. Information can be found by looking for other reviews online and even checking such places as consumer forums for the benefits and negative aspects of the product. The product needs positive and negative information added to the review. Having both sides of the coin causes the reader to believe the review is an honest written review. It also lends more credibility to the author as well as not giving the consumer false hope.

Write It!

The review should be written with a strong tone, but not with a heavy opinionated voice. Even when the review mentions the negative aspects of the product, always remember to choose word choices which will be respectful and polite. When writing the review, check with the individual or company the review has been requested from and ask for specific writing guidelines. Once you have obtained these submission guidelines then it is important to follow them to the letter.


Individuals can earn money by writing reviews for products. Before people purchase products they read reviews. Reviews are important to companies selling products. Many companies will pay money for a well written review.

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